Smart Biz - Food Processing


Features of our ERP software for the Food Processing Industry:
  1. Flexible modular solution providing for automating all business functions from Payroll to Accounting and Management Information integrated with each other.
  2. Captures all essential functional requirements specific to the Processing and Export Industry from Procurement, Processing, Packaging, Dispatch and Sales up to the Financials.
  3. Interfaces with data logging machines for easy import into the System.
  4. Facilitates forecasting and planning for quicker decision making in meeting client orders and schedules.
  5. Reliability of information and ability to view essential reports over the Web.
  6. Centralized availability of Data at any given point of time.

Modular Features:


Processing System


Financial Accounting System


Inventory and Purchase Management


Bills Management System

Bills Management is a system that is capable of automating all the tedious processes involved in the processing of payables and receivables. It keeps track of all the supplier invoices and related documents, creditors & debtors balances right from their generation to the final payment or receipt. In general the bills could be broadly classified as Payables and Receivables. The System allows the flexibility for defining different Bill Categories, Ageing of Bills, General Payment Terms, supplier wise payment terms, additional charges and linking them to account heads.

Employees Payroll


Management Information System

The MIS facility accepts integrated data from all other locations and after computation, self-generates essential reports that keep a track on the pulse of the operations covered by our Software. The idea of the system is to give all the relevant information to the management, in order to do away with the wastage of resources in all forms. The MIS helps in the comparison of performance, identify operational lacunae and with the help of vital information at ones fingertips, resulting in effective decision-making and better management. Essential and selective reports are made available on the Company's web site on request.