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Committed to Quality IT Solutions and Services

iSmart Business Solution is a modern-day leader and innovator in the technology revolution, crafting cutting-edge software solutions customised to each individual need. We have created an international standard of excellence with immense dependability and unparalleled success.

IT Solutions for all Plantation Crops

Accuracy in Crop Projection
Demand and Production become stable
Ghost Labour elimination
Cost and Time Saving
On-time receipts from Debtors
Reduced Production Loss

Why Choose Us

iSmart Business Solutions Private Limited has come a long way since its inception in 1987, headquartered at CSEZ Kochi, India – where our journey to success first began! With offices across India, Kenya, and other countries worldwide, we have accrued over 3000 man-years of expertise, having already made over 900 successful global deployments in 10 countries.

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Meet our management team with over 40+ years of experience collectively. With extensive exposure in their respective industries, their knowledge is instrumental in the success of the company.

Chief Executive Officer

Gigi M Abraham

Gigi Abraham is a corporate innovator and seasoned professional with 28 years of experience in IT and Software Consultancy. His expertise spans Design, Development, Implementation, Client Communication, and Negotiation – all of which have led to ingenious policy-making resulting in a strategic lift for his company’s development. His proven leadership capabilities and effective project management make him an indispensable source for cutting-edge technology applications that drive business success while strengthening customer relationships.

Chief Financial Officer

Manoj T G

Manoj T. G. is a real financial whiz! With an impressive 25 years of experience, he knows all there is to know about the ins and outs of financial control in industrial sectors like IT, shipping and logistics, and chemicals – you name it. His exceptional understanding of corporate finances covers areas like financial procedures, and laws and governance too! Not just that – he’s an expert collaborator who knows how to bring groups of diverse people and resources together.

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