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iSmart Business Solutions is revolutionising the tea industry with our all-inclusive Harvest WebOn Tea ERP. This seed-to-sale Management solution effectively tackles the challenges faced by Tea Planters - saving time and money while boosting productivity.

The Harvest WebOn Tea Plantation Management Software centralises data and provides timely analytics and benchmarks – all in one place! Plus, you get a comprehensive plantation activity workflow across different functions to maximise productivity gains. You’ll have everything you need for business success!

Harness every stage from the nursery, planting, harvesting, green leaf arrival, withering, rolling, drying, grading, packing, invoicing, and sale with the Harvest WebOn tea plantation software.


  • Our tea ERP solution covers auction, private, consignment, contract and export sales for Tea Gardens. Plus invoicing, bidding, allocation and shipping instructions you need to get the job done successfully.
  • Track your plants from the nursery to their destination in the field – this complete solution keeps you informed and up-to-date!
  • Track your green leaf game – keep tabs on all the sources of tea you deal with, whether it’s from your own, inter-plantation, and/or out-grower.
  • Make the most of your team’s skill set with our intuitive employee grouping and categorisation system – designed to maximise benefits for everyone!
  • Keep your taxes up-to-date with our fully configurable tax system, which is also GST-compliant. Be one step ahead of the game!


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Modular Features

Every step, from green leaf arrival to packing and invoicing for dispatch, has been taken into consideration. Date-wise records are kept of the quantity of own vs bought leaves as well as the daily tally on made tea, waste tea and roof collection.

With an integrated info management system and comprehensive analysis services, businesses can get the boost they need to reach new heights. So get ready for serious business growth!

Easily fine-tune inventory, quickly convert grades from one to another, and generate timely reports, including the bin-wise loose/packed stock breakdowns as well as stage-by-stage production details.

Our Easy Weigh system enables you to precisely track and measure each employee’s output so that every job is done with precision. Multiple-level leave sanctioning helps keep your workforce balanced while giving managers the tools they need to validate various types of leaves efficiently.

Our system covers general work wages, over-kilo plucking incentives, cash plucking wages, holiday payouts and more – plus all the statutory necessities like provident fund contributions, bonus calculations, and gratuity payments! After everything’s finalised each month, a full general ledger posting is also provided to ensure your finances are up-to-date

Import all the essentials to stay on top of your team’s productivity, such as job and attendance records, quantity harvested, additional monthly earnings, period wise or monthly deductions – it all can be done with a simple pre-formatted Excel file.

From green leaf to made tea, track every stage of the manufacturing process. No matter its production method, whether it’s CTC, Orthodox or Green Tea – careful tracking is guaranteed.

The inventory module handles everything from receipt of item goods in batches, transfer requests between stores for specified items, issuance to field or division as requested by the store manager, stock adjustment and purchase orders. Keep tabs on all reported inventory modules – Stock Statement, Ledger, Closing and Consumption Registers.

Experience the convenience and accuracy of tracking goods from procurement all the way to consumption – with workflow control, you can analyse data at any stage along the journey.

Enjoy a stress-free salary distribution process with configurable pay periods, base unit options for daily or monthly work, bonus incentives, and overtime.

Get the complete picture with Enterprise hierarchy from the company level to geographical physical fields; data analysis is available for any of these levels.

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