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Warehouse Management

Easily connect to or go solo with the warehouse management system! This flexible tool can be used independently or alongside production systems and trading programmes.

Experience maximum control over warehouse operations with the warehousing module – from goods arrival to dispatch! This system helps you finesse every step of your inventory journey, including receiving, picking, and putting away items, plus tracking stock levels for seamless order fulfilments.


  • Keep up with your warehouse stock in real time! Visualise at a glance where there are used and unused bays and rows so you’ll never miss inventory.
  • Always have a handle on your inventory with warehouse movement tracking. Know exactly where stock is going every step of the way!
  • Our convenient transfer facility makes it easy to move goods from one warehouse to another – enjoy seamless transfer of goods.
  • Our system is super-flexible and ready to take on any challenge. It can easily be tailored to fit your unique needs!


Warehouse Management

Product Details and Screenshots

Modular Features

From individual outgrowers to multiple coffee grades, one weighbridge measures them all!

Know when your commodity has arrived at the warehouse so you can quickly place it in its correct row and bay.

Real-time updates on when the newest batch of coffee beans is ready to be milled and graded.
Easily manage any extra warehouse handling, storage or additional charges with this system.
Allocate the row and bay for all incoming commodities, or easily rearrange what’s already there.
Transfer coffee quickly and easily from one warehouse to the other with our streamlined system.
A dispatch instruction is sent to the warehouse for when your stock is ready to hit the road.
Get up-to-date notifications when your coffee stock is shipped straight from the warehouse.
Generate custom invoices here that seamlessly integrate with finance and accounting systems.

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