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Fleet Management

Fleet Costing and Distribution give managers invaluable information for making smart decisions while controlling costs. It's an essential feature that adds tremendous value!

Make the most of your fleet resources with Smart WebOn Fleet Management! Our integrated system offers maximum efficiency and cost control, helping you monitor all the tasks needed to keep a fleet running smoothly – from acquisition, commissioning, allocation, running logs, breakdown incidents, service and maintenance, and disposal. Plus, it links seamlessly with asset management and the general ledger for enhanced organisational effectiveness.


  • Route planning helps fleet managers allocate their vehicles smartly, saving time and money. Get a jump on your day with advanced vehicle requisitions for optimised routes.
  • With fleet data such as Kilometres, fuel usage and more at hand, fleet managers have the ability to craft preventive schedules that recognise problem areas before they even arise.
  • The system is as versatile and unique as your business! It can easily be adapted to fit your individual needs and tackle whatever challenges come up.
  • Always keep your vehicle running with complete, accurate stock maintenance of vehicle parts – so your vehicles are always ready to hit the roads without any hindrances.


Fleet Management

Product Details and Screenshots

Modular Features

Get the full scoop on your vehicle — from its stats to who’s driving it with comprehensive info and documents.
Get the wheels rolling with a convenient vehicle requisition process. Quickly request, allocate and approve vehicles hassle-free!
Monitor each vehicle’s journey with detailed log entries from start to finish. See how far your fleet can go!
Our Track your fuel use like a pro! Keep an eye on both internal and external consumption for the ultimate cost savings.
Asset History helps fleet managers stay on top of their vehicles — tracking performance and providing insight to take proactive steps.
Quickly calculate costs and distribute them across different activities to keep track of the vehicle’s every journey.
Keep an eye on your fleet’s expenses to ensure Nursery, internal projects, and other events get off the ground smoothly!
Get the complete picture with Enterprise hierarchy from the company level to geographical physical fields; data analysis is available for any of these levels.
Make informed decisions and get the most out of your budget with actionable reports tailored to you!

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