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Flower Production System helps flower farms blossom to their fullest potential - from setting the foundations with bed preparation right through to triggering a bounty of harvests. Post Harvest System records all data after each harvest for maximum efficiency and accurate results. Flower Management System is there for company control at every level – ensuring cost-effectiveness and streamlined productivity. We help keep blooms beautiful at every stage!

Keep track of flower stems, funds and production while automating sales to production tracking as well as welfare association allocations. Dig into the details with powerful analysis tools.


  • From the blooming of a seed to its final sale, keep track of all flower industry activities.
  • Management can get insight into financials, efficiency and productivity with convenient reports.
  • Reports help management to follow the journey of flowers from the flower production line to sales.


Vertical - Flower Plantation

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Modular Features

Flower Production System gives you the inside scoop on everything happening at farms with information on each cultivation operation. Detailed data covers cultivation operations, water consumption, waste treatment and more! Plus, you get a better understanding of chemicals and fertilisers used in farming or view trial and planting info bed by bed. Reports provide all the information in one place.

The Post Harvest System is an all-inclusive system for managing crops from own farms and out growers. From entering customer requirements to sales orders, grading, packing & dispatching produce; it ensures nothing goes unchecked! Quality control of the harvest can be monitored via detailed records, including discards or re-grading details, along with vase life testing results and temperature readings in storage units. This allows users to track post-harvesting progress at every step while also recording complaints/ suggestions..allowing you to monitor your process like a pro!

Flower Management System reports are based on the details specified through Flower Production System and Post Harvest System. The system helps the management stay in the know with comprehensive, easy-to-read reports that provide insight into their spending, productivity, and resource efficiency. With data regarding weather and disease updates, production, sales stats and more, smart decisions can be made for better control of company resources – increasing profit in return!

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