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Budgetary Control

Activity-Based Budgeting provides an eagle-eye view, isolating cost variables like people, material, and contracts - so you can accurately plan and estimate your finances without any surprises.

The WebOn Budgetary Control allows you to accurately analyse and plan your income and expenditures. Using the system’s built-in reports, you can quickly make sophisticated, informed decisions with insight into potential risks. Built on experience from numerous end-users at renowned organisations, this resource ensures all activities are approached holistically so that revenue and expenditures stay within their respective financial plans.

With a unified interface, tracking actual vs. budgeted expenses is much easier. The WebOn Budgetary Control stands out by sending push notifications when expenses are approaching or exceeding set limits, creating an extra layer of financial security and peace of mind.


  • Projection of the product will enable growers to easily measure their output from each unit on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly scale.
  • Provides insight into a business’s financial health with the ability to determine if product output generates enough revenue for all expenses.
  • Financial security becomes easier by keeping tabs on income & expenses, paying bills promptly, and building emergency funds.
  • Data import allows users to effortlessly transfer the previous year’s budgets into the new period and adjust any quantity or hectare requirements.
  • Keep tabs on your spending – monitor each cost against the budget in real time to ensure you stay within the limit.


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Budgetary Control

Product Details and Screenshots

Modular Features

Create multiple plans for your financial period and get the required approval from decision-makers to make it official!

Create custom norms and assumptions while linking them to the Budget Activities in your worksheet for total budgeting control.
Take control of your finances with a worksheet that keeps track of all your income and expenses in one place.
Activity-based budgeting analyses all the activities that lead to expenses and find creative ways to trim them – the results of which can be used to draft budgets.
To efficiently carry out vital operations, the manpower budget cleverly allocates resources by assessing tasks and existing staff.
Material budgeting helps you accurately forecast the materials needed and their costs over time.
From supplies and materials to manpower costs, everything is accounted for to figure out how much your business is spending.
Crop projections help growers map out how much to plant month-by-month, how many to transplant in the field, and their expected harvest quantity!
Quickly assess whether you’ve got enough revenue to make an expense with a budget that helps make necessary decisions.
Transfer last year’s budget data into the new period and tweak anything that needs adjusting like material rate, man-days or hectare.

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