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Material Management

Streamline the chaos of managing materials with our innovative Material Management Let us handle ordering, receiving, and issuing to make sure you have everything in its place - so that delivering exceptional results is a breeze for your business.

Running an enterprise has become increasingly demanding, but with a Material Management system, you can take cost control to the next level. This innovative technology helps your business efficiently reach objectives while providing flexible operation – all without breaking the bank!

For businesses seeking an efficient and comprehensive system to manage purchases and inventory, there’s no need to look any further! This effective solution offers a complete audit trail of every action taken in the process, beginning with planning through procuring materials all the way up to consumption by various departments. What makes this stand out is its user-defined parameter feature for selecting vendors – you can set parameters like financial health, delivery window, or credit days that best suit your needs. Plus, it takes care of processing, so only eligible companies will receive purchase orders – now, isn’t that handy?


  • Delight your customers by always providing the materials when and where they need it – an easy recipe for satisfaction.
Protect your materials no matter where or how you store them – with our secure and dependable system that ensures data integrity.
Our solution provides a full assessment of tracking expenses related to Materials provided for various cost centres like Internal Projects, assets and more.
End the hassle of manual data entry with automated processes.


Material Management

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Modular Features

With a multi-location and store supply chain, streamline your business operations over multiple distribution points.
One place, multiple storage solutions – from Central Stores to Divisional and Sub Stores – conveniently manage them all!

Accurate descriptions of materials make it easy to find key items quickly and easily. Stay organised with all the right info!

Keep track of your inventory using valuation methods like Weighted Average, LIFO, FIFO and Moving Average.
Easily organise items into smart categories, complete with brand info, for a seamless material classification experience.
Minimise stock movements in and out of the inventory store to ensure smooth operations with stock control options.
With tolerance as a key barrier, transactions are only authorised if quality meets its exacting standards.
Keep your supplies stocked and organised with batch-wise inventory tracking for an even more organised management system.
A clear-cut vendor selection process ensures you make the right choice when awarding Purchase Orders.
With tailored, actionable reports, decision-makers can quickly take steps to make informed decisions.
Keep tabs on your inventory with effortless workflows, so you can rest easy knowing every transaction is accounted for.

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