Oil Palm Plantation


Our intuitive oil palm ERP captures each process from the beginning to the end product - all in a centralised data hub that gives you real-time insight into production processes.

The Oil Palm Plantation ERP System is the go-to web solution for today’s dynamic plantation industry. This web-based solution will simplify and streamline workflow so you can manage everything from FFB arrival from the estate to the mill to semi-finished and finished products for sale. It’s designed for the industry, tackling all its rapid changes head-on. 

Quality always matters when it comes to customer loyalty. That’s why our oil palm plantation software maintains sky-high standards with its own quality process, ensuring each product exceeds expectations and delights the end user.


  • Keep your farm operations running smoothly with an automated system that seamlessly manages thousands of workers employed at the field or block level.
  • Our convenient mass-balancing system keeps track of all Crude Palm Oil, Crude Palm Kernel, and Crude Palm Kernel Oil certificates for an accurate stock assessment.
  • Streamline your oil palm mill and weighbridge management system with the secure, automated integration of our oil palm plantation management software.
  • Unlock the full potential of our oil palm plantation ERP system by seamlessly integrating with other shared modules and reaping the benefits.
  • Enjoy a seamless connection between your Bulking Station or Tank Farm Management System!


Vertical - Oil Palm Plantation

Product Details and Screenshots

Modular Features

Maintenance of various process stations, process sections, and process sub sections for the mill.

Maintenance and management of various shapes of storage tanks and silos. It can be a combination of two or more geometrical shapes.

A complete track and traceability of the arrival of FFB (fresh fruit bunches) to the mill from various sources.

Complete capturing of harvesting of FFB and integration with payroll system covering incentive, penalty, tasks, and salary disbursement.

Fully digitalized employee details from hiring, leave management, salary computation, production, storing semi-finished and finished products, dispatch, and sale.

Recording and maintenance of specific gravity and calibration charts.

Holistic perspective and quality analysis of finished and semi-finished products using various test parameters.

Detailed stock maintenance of semi and finished products such as CPO, CPKO, PK.

Data control mechanism to authenticate and verify dispatches from the Mill.

Calculation of extraction ratio of the product derived by considering the FFB processed.

Integration with bulking stations or tank farm management systems.

Capturing machinery log with respect to the down time, restart time, and breakdown incidents.

Advanced reporting structure to analyse mill or factory data to get a better perspective of the operations.

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