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Weighbridge Management

The Weighbridge Management system eliminates manual data entry and human error by instantly reading vehicle material details from QR codes or barcodes during the weighing process.

Weighbridge Management is a web-based system that provides a hassle-free solution to connect hardware and software for seamless weighing operations. It streamlines the flow of materials into and out of your business while also efficiently managing captured data through its intuitive design. Get ready for some effortless scalability!


  • Protect your weighbridge from theft with secure solutions.
  • Advanced Vehicle Management allows you to keep tabs on vehicle performance.
  • Synchronised with ERP to get all the benefits of streamlined operations.
  • Maximise productivity with timely delivery of materials.
  • Comprehensive cloud-based reporting allows for insightful decision-making.


Weighbridge Management

Product Details and Screenshots

Modular Features

Holistic approach towards weighbridge system configuration to support the brand independently of the weighing scale.
Data controlling and linking option to prevent unauthorised weighing and access to the mill.
Comprehensive maintenance of vehicle, material, vendor, and customer data.
System provides configurable weighbridge ticket number generation and auto weighing ticket emailing facility.
Customise and develop as per client requirements and needs.
Smart lookup provides complete traceability and information on various weighbridge attributes.
Integration with third-party devices to fetch data related to vehicle and material.
In-built alert and warning on tare weight violation. an alert or warning is activated when there is a violation of tare weight.
Vehicle and driver blacklisting and revocation.
Comprehensive monitoring of vehicle turnaround time.
Supports various types of weighing such as transit weighing, toll weighing, cages weighing, and locomotive weighing toll.
Configurable cut off time to notify the end of the business day.
Weighing detail and quality analysis data capturing.
The Weighbridge system can be integrated with the production system and other shared modules.
Provision to allow manual entry of weighing data in case of weighing scale failure.
System offers categorization of materials movement into incoming, outgoing or both.

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