Rubber Plantation

With the WebOn Rubber Plantation ERP, you'll have a powerful tool to help your company stay organised and reduce costs. Monitor Latex or lower-grade rubber (Lump and Scrap) from your own estate and other estates with ease - giving you the freedom of control!

Our rubber plantation software is like a virtual assistant, helping you capture the entire process – from raw materials to finished goods. Plus, with real-time data and its own quality assurance system built into it, customer loyalty comes easy! Quality is guaranteed for every product so anyone can feel confident in what they buy.

Rubber ERP is a web-based software solution that streamlines production planning and using raw materials, allowing businesses to serve their customers high-quality products at an affordable cost.


  • Supplier and Vendor Management have all the information needed for streamlined operations.
  • An automated management system manages thousands of field workers employed at the field level.
  • Up-to-date data is always at your fingertips with centralised data availability to stay informed.
  • Make the right moves with planning and forecasting that help you keep up to speed with client orders.


Vertical - Rubber Plantation

Product Details and Screenshots

Modular Features

Inclusive maintenance of Raw Materials and Finished Product.

Processing of Rubber at the factory arrived from various sources.

Production Planning.

Processing of Latex.

Reprocessing of Dried Rubber.

Bales and Pallet Details.

Arrival of Lump and Scrap and Weighing.

Inspection of Machinery.

Maintenance of Dirty Rubber.

Laboratory and Quality Analysis.

Dirt and Ash Content.

Daily and Monthly summary of Quality Analysis.

Machinery Log Books.

Grade-wise Stock Maintenance of finished and semi-finished products.

Daily and Monthly Product Report.

Crop Book Report.

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