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ERP for Agri plantation industry


Easily customise our agri software with remarkably low costs and effort. It comes packed with an assortment of modules, all tailored to your unique needs.

Our agri ERP was crafted with invaluable input from top organisations, equipping plantation managers with comprehensive solutions. From agronomy and seed procurement to nursery, cultivation, harvesting, payrolls, production, invoicing and dispatch.This agri software is the one-stop shop for agri-businesses, providing a seamless experience from sowing to delivery!


Track data year-over-year, get up close insights with forecasts and breeze through those vital reports in a convenient dashboard.
Our agri ERP system can help your business reach the next level of success with increased profitability, better performance and greater ROI.
Easily manage multiple companies, locations and currencies with our agri solution – perfect for business owners on the go!
With a centralised database, you can save time and money while ensuring that all your data is both accurate and up-to-date.
Streamline data entry and automatically update information across departments – all in real-time. No more duplicate entries = increased efficiency!
Automate processes and say goodbye to duplicate work. Save time, increase productivity – optimise your process management for success.
Our comprehensive tracking tool ensures every process, from sourcing materials to delivering the finished product, is documented and accounted for.
Keep information organised with Harvest WebOn Agri ERP – get real-time estimations and forecasts that help you stay one step ahead.

This agri solution is the superhero of everyday tasks – automating tedious, manual processes and reducing human errors to save the day.


ERP for Agri Plantation Industry

Product Details and Screenshots

Modular Features

Financial Accounting System

Make your finance management process faster and easier with the WebOn Financial System. Get automated help for all of your needs, including payments, billing and invoicing, reconciliation, budget planning, and asset management – a comprehensive package to simplify the way you manage your finances. Cost analysis in multiple dimensions, plus profit and cost centre accounting, provides a powerful tool to managers for improved cost control. Additionally, seeing expenses vs. actuals helps managers take corrective action quickly and effectively, translating to increased profits!

Account Payable / Account Receivable

The Harvest WebOn APAR System makes payables and receivables easy-peasy! It automates the entire process from generation to final payment – tracking invoices and balances for creditors and debtors. No more tediousness – just simplicity! It collects and analyses data about payables and receivables to give you a comprehensive look at unpaid invoices, sanctioned/unsanctioned bills, registers, taxes – you name it!

Budgetary Control System

Harvest WebOn’s Budgetary Control system helps you create an accurate financial plan by comparing the budgeted income and expenditure. This ensures you stay on track with revenue and expenditures in a comprehensive way, allowing for activity-wise planning that covers all aspects!

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management Module is the perfect assistant for managing your company’s employees. From job applications and onboarding right through to calculating their cessation benefits – this system keeps everything running smoothly while ensuring everyone gets the support they need. The HR department can rely on this module to source and foster their manpower, resource development through training, support performance reviews for any potential benefit or position revisions, and efficiently manage employee leave records. It’s the ultimate tool for mastering your organisation’s human capital!

Payroll System

With the Harvest WebOn Payroll system, landowners can stop worrying about complex payroll challenges. It allows them to easily capture harvesting man-days and other task outputs while also taking into account incentives, penalties, deductions, and even taxes – making life easier than ever!

Procurement Management System

Navigating the purchasing process can be tricky business. But with the Harvest WebOn Procurement system, you’ll have everything handled – vendor management, selection, and delivery of quality materials in just the right quantity – while also making sure your storeroom is always stocked up, so you’re ready for anything!

Inventory System

Streamlining material management activities is essential to keeping costs down and growing operations. The Harvest WebOn Material Management system boosts efficiency while giving you the flexibility needed to reach your objectives – all while adhering to your cost control objectives.

Nursery System

Harvest WebOn Nursery keeps track of your seedlings’ journey, from the arrival of seeds to the issue of grown plants. This technology allows farmers and gardeners to track every stage taken until the seedlings are ready for sale or internal planting. Plus, nursery costing provides an in-depth breakup of the cost per seedling throughout all stages of growth in the nursery, so you don’t have to worry about uneven expenses!

Production System

Grow your business with Harvest WebOn: the ultimate production system for farms! Our streamlined suite of tools helps you tackle land prepping, planting, harvesting, and the arrival of raw materials to the mill or factory. Along with factory production processes like grading, packing, and invoicing customers until the goods are sold and dispatched – every step is streamlined with ease.

Fleet Management System

Keep your fleet running smoothly with the Harvest WebOn Fleet Management system! Track all aspects of operations, from acquisition to disposal. Monitor all activities, including allocation, service and maintenance, commissioning, running logs, breakdown incidents, disposals, and more. No detail will be overlooked in keeping your fleet strong.


Harvest WebOn’s Sales Management System keeps the sales process running smoothly, covering everything from warehousing products up to invoicing, bidding, cataloguing, sales invoice generation, and realising the actual sale. Our system ensures your business runs smoothly and never misses a beat – or a sale!

Management Information System

Our integrated MIS system helps businesses make data-driven decisions while preventing problems before they arise. Keep one step ahead with analytical reports that provide the insight you need to succeed!

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