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At iSmart, our decades of expertise equip us to offer the perfect fit for your organisation’s needs. We know that every market has its own set of challenges and opportunities – which is why we come armed with specialised solutions tailored to each vertical. Your business will be primed for optimal growth, no matter what you sow!

Tea Plantation

Harvest WebOn Tea ERP revolutionizes the tea industry, streamlining processes, centralizing data and providing timely analytics.

Oil Palm Plantation

Oil Palm Plantation ERP streamlines workflow, ensures high-quality products for customer satisfaction.

Rubber Plantation

WebOn Rubber ERP monitors latex and lower-grade rubber, streamlines process from raw materials to finished goods.

Coffee Plantation

Harvest WebOn coffee plantation software tracks and optimizes crop growth, ensures fresh beans.

Macadamia Plantation

Customizable and adaptable automated Macadamia production line, connectable to warehouses.

Flower Farm

Flower Production System streamlines flower farm growth, post-harvest data recording, company control.

Other Crops