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Introducing the General Processing Process: the automated Macadamia production line that you customise! Create a custom production line and its stages, then watch as data entry flows in beautifully according to the setting input by you - how convenient is that!

The Process Entry and QA/QC transaction screens and the main screens whose behaviour can be changed depending on the settings. With the General Processing system, you can quickly manage your production lines – even the ones involving Macadamia! It works independently but can also connect with warehouses for a seamless experience.

Macadamia can be processed with ease using our General Production system – it’s perfect for any industry that follows a sequence of operations as well!


  • Easily configure the transactions in the production line instead of using fixed transaction screens with our plantation software.
  • No matter the industry, our plantation management software’s processing lines provide a versatile solution for any production line.
  • The plantation ERP lets you take an in-depth dive into your process line and uncover insights at every stage of production.
  • Our adaptive plantation software can handle any challenge, allowing you to customise it for the perfect solution.


Vertical - Macadamia Plantation

Product Details and Screenshots

Modular Features

Get the macadamia you need with a few clicks – easily check what’s in stock and request materials from the warehouse.

Instantly accept materials that were requested with a convenient direct material acceptance screen.

Inventory items are swiftly loaded into the processing system via the handy material acceptance screen.

The material issue screen assigns materials to the right machines and people with speed and precision.

Process entry is the main transaction hub that takes your data to the next level. It’s a 3-step process, starting with the process line and process stage before moving on to machine or manpower information – everything from material issues, process entry and QA/QC entries.

  • – Process out: With just a few clicks, you can easily customise your process to get the output that works best for you!
  • – By product output Details – This is the sub-product of the process which we can use for another process or sale.
  • – QA/QC Entry: Track test results quickly and easily with the QA/QC Entry screen.
  • – Process Output transfer: Quickly move data from the processing system to the warehouse.

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