HARVEST WebOn offers ultimate choice, effortless integration and blazing performance so forward-thinking companies can stay profitable and competitive. We harness tech to empower our clients' plantation operations!

Our Agri-plantation ERP system has been carefully crafted using the experience and feedback of reputed organisations. As a result, we don’t just offer a one size fits all solution – we customise it to fit your organisation’s needs. We are constantly adding new features based on successful implementations!

With global experience across various agricultural industries, we make managing your tea, oil palm, rubber and coffee plantations easy with our comprehensive Plantation Management Software Solutions. 

Our agri solution provides everything you need to keep your agribusiness running smoothly, from planting seeds and nurturing seedlings in the nursery all the way through tracking production, invoicing customers and dispatching products. Plant success with our powerful agri software!


Track data year-over-year, get up close insights with forecasts and breeze through those vital reports in a convenient dashboard.

Our agri ERP system can help your business reach the next level of success with increased profitability, better performance and greater ROI.

Easily manage multiple companies, locations and currencies with our agri solution – perfect for business owners on the go!

With a centralised database, you can save time and money while ensuring that all your data is both accurate and up-to-date.

Streamline data entry and automatically update information across departments – all in real-time. No more

Automate processes and say goodbye to duplicate work. Save time, increase productivity – optimise your process management for success.

Our comprehensive tracking tool ensures every process, from sourcing materials to delivering the finished product, is documented and accounted for.

Keep information organised with Harvest WebOn Agri ERP – get real-time estimations and forecasts that help you stay one step ahead.

This agri solution is the superhero of everyday tasks – automating tedious, manual processes and reducing human errors to save the day.

Fully web-based solution provides flawless performance, even on slow connections – no matter if your device is a tablet or smartphone.

Fully web-based solution provides flawless performance, even on slow connections – no matter if your device is a tablet or smartphone.

Hosting with IAS providers keeps infrastructure investments to a minimum and delivers maximum return on investment.


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Modular Features

  • Our all-in-one system helps you plan, harvest and analyse your data – from crop prep to post-harvest – making every stage of farming easier.

Our system simplifies managing hundreds of employees and field workers, streamlining payroll and statutory payments for ultimate convenience.

Get accurate views of your spending with cost monitoring right from a sub-block or field to a whole business location.

Boost your production with solutions that maximise crop yield and profitability while cutting back on input costs to grow crops.

With adjustable incentive and penalty settings, you can easily determine the right amount of reward or consequence for every crop harvested.

Study the yield and prune history of your sub-blocks or fields over time with our year-by-year analysis.
Gain superior security measures with a configurable data control mechanism that helps you keep your weigh tickets safe. Multilevel security helps curb fraud, theft, and vehicle damage while automatically capturing weight readings.
Upgrade your operations with digitised resources that automate receiving raw materials, crop grading, quality testing, and the production of semi-finished goods and final products.
Our system is here to help keep your business safe and sound, ensuring only the right people have access with our role-based authorisation matrix – protecting your business from damages and security breaches.
With its modular structure and plug-gable architecture, our system helps clients save on licensing costs without sacrificing features.

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