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Coffee Plantation

iSmart Business Solutions offers Harvest WebOn, the coffee plantation software solution that helps coffee plantations take care of all business needs, from harvesting and processing to sales. It helpfully monitors crop varieties like Arabica and Robusta throughout their growth stages. It optimises fertiliser applications, irrigation plans and pruning decisions based on projections - making it easier than ever to run a successful operation!

Harvest WebOn coffee plantation management software ensures that coffee lovers get the freshest beans from their favourite mills. It tracks and records stage-wise processing, sorting grades by size, colour and density – “plus ensures color sorting process requirements are met for a perfect cup”. The system supports end-to-end production/supply chain management throughout harvester to exporter roles, offering superior results in every sip of your beloved brew!

Make smart decisions with fertilisation, manuring and crop estimation and keep track of the values of your product so you can forecast easily – brewing success all around!


  • Track employee productivity and reward top performers! Calculate incentives and penalties based on the output each worker produces.
  • Accurate crop estimation based on predicted climate conditions allows you to budget efficiently by applying optimal fertilisation at the right time.
  • Monitors every step of the process, tracking results to better understand your market demands and price points for each product.
  • With stage-wise stock tracking, you can stay ahead of the market’s needs and always be ready to take action, thanks to our coffee ERP.
  • By closely tracking production costs at each step in the process, you can save big on materials, energy and labour.


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Product Details and Screenshots

Modular Features

Our coffee ERP system covers everything from planting your beans in the nursery to sipping a fresh cup of delicious coffee! Our comprehensive process includes activities like Fermentation, Drying and Hulling through to Roasting and Grinding so you can easily keep track of your crop.

The Payroll System is the ultimate resource for all things related to employee wages and salaries! It helps manage attendance, leaves & holidays, as well as issue incentives & benefits. Plus, it stores each worker’s personal details and a full history – making life easier for employers at every level!

Harvest activity management is now made easy with the coffee plantation ERP! Take control of your productivity with our intuitive platform, making it simple to monitor Agricultural Unit and individual worker performance.

The Easy Weigh system accurately captures who’s present and the volume of produce harvested. The corresponding data is then transferred to Crop Record books and Attendance registers for easy tracking.

Migrant workers and their attendance records are captured separately during the crop season with Gang Wise Inventive tables, calculations and payments to keep it all under control and organised.

Keep pests at bay with a smarter approach! Automate your application cycles and get the most out of each round, from spraying to weeding to chemical treatments – all timed just right.

Growers can easily estimate how much their crop will yield with accurate projections – giving a clear outlook of what to expect from each greenhouse or block throughout the specified timeframe.

Our innovative gang-wise crop recording feature makes it easier for staff to reap the rewards of a bountiful harvest! It provides incentive options that ensure maximum productivity during crop season.

Crop Record book accurately tracks each stage of your crop – from input to output, plus get an easy-to-read breakdown of overall outturn percentage and losses. No more guesswork, only data-driven insights!

From small-scale growers and internal plantation locations, keep tabs on what’s processed from your estate crop, outside growers and intra-plantation crop. In-depth information and comparisons are provided for all aspects.

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